Work With a Premier Supplier of Sunflower Oil in the Philippines

Pressed from the seeds of the sunflower plant, Oleo-Fats is a premium supplier of first-rate sunflower oils excellent for cooking and roasting. Source your specialty oils from a prime sunflower oil supplier in the country.

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High Quality Sunflower Oil for Your Needs

Sunflower oil, derived from seeds, is used in the Philippine food industry in place of other soft oils. It’s a versatile type of fat used in different applications. Sunflower oil, considered a healthy option due to its high linoleic content, is rich in vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps prevent cell damage and boosts circulation. Another noteworthy thing about sunflower oil is that it mainly contains unsaturated fats that benefit our health. Since its performance is comparable to that of soybean oil and canola oil, it has become one of the most popular oils for frying in the business world—a healthier choice indeed.

Compliant with European standards, chefs are discovering the many uses of the nutritious sunflower oil. That’s why Oleo-Fats is incredibly proud to carry sunflower oil in the Philippines and ship it to different parts of the world.

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Get the Best Specialty Oil from a Reputable Distributor

With our expertise in export and distribution, Oleo-Fats guarantees its customers they will receive only the highest quality sunflower oils, processed to exacting standards. With GMP, HACCP, FSSC 22000 certifications you can trust that every product we sell is safe and reliable.

As one of the Philippines’ biggest distributors of sunflower oil, Oleo-Fats relies on its state-of-the-art infrastructure. Here at our facilities, we take only the finest components and process them into our specialized fats, oils, and ingredients. Each of our facilities is well-equipped for both scientific research and culinary innovation, and we have a lot of certifications that prove that all of our ingredients meet the highest standards for food safety.

Oleo-Fats ensures we satisfy safety and environmental criteria to export to over 30 countries in East and Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Oceania, and the Americas. You can rest assured that our sunflower oil export process meets your business’s needs with high export capacity. Get in touch with Oleo-Fats now if you’re interested in our sunflower oil distribution services.

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Does your business need specialty products or ingredients? Oleo-Fats just might be the missing link! Our comprehensive list of specialty oils and ingredients caters to the growing needs of the food industry. Talk to the leading specialty ingredients supplier in the country and learn how our custom solutions can help you out.

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