Oleo-Fats is Everywhere

Oleo-Fats has one of the most extensive portfolios in the Philippine food industry. It caters to major food manufacturing segments and provides some of the essential and innovative ingredients that go into the making of your favorite food products.

Industries We Serve

Snack Industry

Oleo-Fats is a supplier to snack food manufacturers of potato chips, corn chips, flour-based chips, and instant noodles. Our customized fats and oils are used in the production of many of the leading snack food brands in the country.

Dairy Industry

We supply a range of dried dairy powders and dairy substitutes mainly to the milk industry in the Philippines. Tasteful innovative solutions in response to product development requirements on taste, texture, and product costs are a welcome technical support to product development personnel working on ice creams, creamers, filled milk, infant formulas, cheese and other spreads.

Foodservice Industry

The growth of restaurants and food establishments have been unprecedented. Restaurants, including QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants or Fast Food Chains) account for 75% of the entire food industry in the country. Our specialty ingredients make their way to the foodservice industry with food establishments we directly or indirectly serve.

Biscuit and Confectionery

The biscuit and confectionery industry includes producers of biscuits, crackers, cookies, chocolates, and soft candies. Oleo-Fats produces specialty fats for this industry. These include cocoa butter substitutes, marine fats, tallow, and other ingredients that offer a unique taste, mouthfeel, and chemical properties that allow for tolerance in certain environment conditions.

Baking Industry

Bakeries are no longer limited to neighborhood spots but are now present in malls and commercial areas. Bread products have also reached supermarkets and other retail outlets. To keep up with the demand, bakeries look for specialty shortenings, butter and margarine, fillings, and other ingredients that produce unique taste, texture, and mouthfeel sensations in their cakes, pastries, and delicacies.