Oleo-Fats is a trusted coconut oil supplier for all aspects of the food industry. Our company’s coconut oil and coconut oil-based products come from ethically sourced coconuts and adhere to international quality standards and safety practices.

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Coconut oil is known as one of the healthiest oils worldwide. High in lauric acid, a healthy medium chain triglyceride that is easily absorbed by the body, coconut oil is known to promote a healthier heart, improved brain function, and a stronger immune system.

Oleo-Fats is the country’s most prolific manufacturer of coconut oil and coconut oil-based products. As a member of the Sustainable Coconut Charter, we produce a wide array of products via sustainable and ethical coconut-farming practices from our Luzon farms and certified organic Davao region suppliers. Our operations not only put us as one of the leading coconut oil suppliers in the Philippines, but also helps us ensure jobs for farmers and the growth of the coconut industry in the country.

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As an export-oriented company, Oleo-Fats produces high quality coconut oil and coconut oil-based products that conform to international quality standards and safety practices. We cater to a wide array of specialty needs from all around the world, no matter what aspect of the food industry you are from. From virgin coconut oils to coconut ice cream coatings, we can provide it for you.

Our expert and varied packaging options, seamless and well-documented process, as well as world-class product quality makes us the trusted coconut oil exporter in the country. Oleo-Fats exports its products in over 28 countries worldwide, including Australia and Europe.


As the top coconut oil manufacturer in the Philippines, Oleo-Fats has a wide array of coconut oil-based products in its portfolio to meet the food industry’s demand for coconut oil products.

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RBD Coconut Oil

RBD coconut oil is a versatile coconut oil that has various applications in the food industry. Our coconut oil is made from carefully selected and processed coconut oil that has undergone a special refining process to remove all impurities. Our RBD coconut oil has a light color and neutral taste that has a good resistance to oxidation, making it a good choice for frying, cooking, and even baking.

Low MOSH MOAH Coconut Oil 1

Low MOSH MOAH Coconut Oil

MOSH and MOAH are chemical compounds derived mainly from crude oil such as lubricants. MOAH may act as genotoxic carcinogens, while MOSH can accumulate in human tissues and may cause adverse effects in the liver; but by having full control of our supply chain, we can produce RBD CNO with very low contaminants. We can meet as low as 10ppm for MOSH and 1ppm for MOAH.

Cochin Coconut Oil 1

Cochin Coconut Oil

Cochin is refined and bleached coconut oil, usually for companies that want to control the deodorization step. This can be used for food and non-food products.

Infant Grade Coconut Oil 1

Infant Grade Coconut Oil

Infant grade coconut oil is pure coconut oil that is safe for newborns and babies. IG has very low GE and 3MCPD and is often used in manufacturing infant grade formulas. Oleo-Fats is one of the coconut oil manufacturers in the Philippines that can create such high-quality oil.

Coconut Butter Spread 1

Coconut Butter Spread

Oil isn’t the only thing we can manufacture from coconuts! We also produce coconut butter spread from the meat of the coconut. It is the perfect alternative to dairy butter and pairs deliciously with bread and our vegan pancakes.  Our coconut butter spread is vegan, lactose-free, and contains MCT and lauric acid to help build up immunity and energy.

Coconut Oil Spray 1

Coconut Oil Spray

Aside from the usual liquid coconut oil, Oleo-Fats is also a manufacturer of coconut oil spray. It is a healthy and no-mess alternative to most available cooking oils on the market . It’s great for non-stick baking, pancakes, waffles, and even grills.

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Specialty Coconut Fats

Coconut oil is a highly nutritious and versatile fruit that has a ton of applications. Oleo-Fats manufactures versatile specialty coconut fats that your business can use as cocoa butter replacers, shortening, fat spreads or as special ingredients for a healthier alternative.

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