Leading Supplier of Ice Cream Coating Dip in the Philippines

Create the perfect sundae or a delicious summer treat with quality ice cream coating from one of the top suppliers in the Philippines. Perfectly sweet and delicately balanced, our range of classic and modern ice cream coatings is tailored to your needs.

Plate of chocolate dipped ice cream bars with nuts

Premium Ice Cream Coating Dip in the Philippines

Ice cream is a staple in every country like the Philippines. With the right ice cream coating and dip, you can easily turn this everyday treat into a delicious gourmet experience. Using our years of experience and innovation, Oleo-Fats can provide a wide array of ice cream coating and dip options that cater to the tastes of the Philippines and beyond.

Oleo-Fats As one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors of specialty fats and ingredients, we ensure that our products are sustainably sourced from reliable and reputable suppliers, partners, and local farmers within the country.

Today, we offer custom and delicious solutions to help you meet your unique requirements. From classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla to modern ice cream flavors, our company ensures that you get premium quality coatings and dips that fit your specifications and international standards of flavor and quality.

man dipping ice cream on coating
Hand holding chocolate dipped swirl ice cream

A Reliable Ice Cream Coating Supplier in the Philippines

As one of the biggest pillars in the Philippine food industry, Oleo-Fats has curated an impressive list of products available for distribution locally and internationally. It’s no surprise that ice cream coating is on our list of special products too. From classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla to specialty delicacies, we manufacture and supply custom ice cream coatings to ensure that you create the best possible treat there is.

With our world-class facilities, culinary experts, and internationally recognized partners, Oleo-Fats achieves the title of a world-class ice cream coating supplier in the Philippines. Our products meet regional and global standards of taste and quality. Our preference for local vendors and safe, sustainable ingredients in our goods also helps us ensure that what we produce, supply, and distribute remains outstanding. From specialty cooking oils, fats, and ingredients to a variety of local and international culinary products, our company has worked with various sectors and businesses in the food industry and has cemented its place in the business.

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