OFI Equipment Division

OFI Equipment Division of Oleo-Fats was established to complement and build on its range of products offered to the foodservice market. With the addition of foodservice and food safety equipments, customer need not look further to find a total solutions package for their businesses.

Global Brands

Our selection of recognized and reliable global brands ensure that customers always have robust equipment fit for use in vigorous industrial conditions.

Dedicated Service Team

We have a dedicated service team for dependable after-sales support, on-call nationwide.

Partners and Products

Lainox is an Italian company that specializes in designing and creating equipment for professional restaurateurs. Its main product line includes smart combination ovens which unite technology and know-how, and are connected to the Internet and the Lainox Cloud – an encyclopedia collecting chef’s recipes from around the world.

Delitas prides itself as the most reliable industrial frying brand proudly made in Korea. It offers high-efficiency gas and electric fryers, as well as other QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) solutions including gas griddles and food holding cabinets.

Save up to 50% of your frying oil with VITO oil filter. This system filters microparticles in the oil – increasing the oil’s lifetime, improving its taste and quality, and saving you time, labor, and costs.

G-Tek dishwashing machines are ideal for industrial back-of-the-house (kitchen) operations. These machines are recommended to be used together with Oleo-Fats food safety products for a complete kitchen sanitation solution for your business.

Scotsman offers the highly efficient, superior-performing ice systems with a wide range of ice shapes available for the foodservice and food retail industries. All made for harsh and extreme environment, Scotsman offers from small capacity undercounter solutions to industrial high capacity ice making technologies

BevGuard® by TST Water is one of the leading point-of-use water filtration products in the world. Bevguard is viable and affordable solution to water filtration and is effective in removing impurities to create healthier, better tasting water for soft drinks, ice machines, steamer units, processing equipment and drinking water.