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Delve into Oleo-Fats Inc.’s bubble tea mix products. From classic winter melon to exotic Thai, we offer a versatile base that can be tailored according to taste—perfect for food service providers looking to offer premium, customizable tea experiences.

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Mastering Milk Tea Mix Manufacturing with Oleo-Fats Inc.

At Oleo-Fats Inc., we pride ourselves as a milk tea mix manufacturer that creates distinct blends. From the rich taro to the robust Okinawa, our expertise in crafting a diverse range of flavors caters to the various demands of the food service industry.

Blended with authentic tea leaves, each mix offers a premium base that’s ready to use and can be further customized for a flavor boost. Ideal for crafting unique beverages, our blends cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. They enable clients to make signature drinks that resonate with their brand identity and satisfy diverse consumer palates.

Our commitment to excellence is validated by certifications from SGS, CIP, and Halal certifications from IDCP and HDIP. This ensures that every batch we manufacture meets the highest standards of food safety and quality. The ingredients for our milk tea mixes are also sourced with a keen eye on sustainability and ethical practices, further enhancing the quality of our products.

The manufacturing process at Oleo-Fats Inc. leverages our state-of-the-art facilities. Here, innovation meets tradition to produce milk tea mixes that are not just comparable but superior to those found in retail. Our ability for customization allows clients to tailor the flavors, viscosity, and aroma, making our milk tea a preferred choice for businesses looking to offer unique beverage experiences.

Explore how our milk tea mix supplier services can meet your business needs, ensuring your offerings stand out in the competitive food service industry.

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Elevating the Global Tea Experience with Premium Milk Tea Mixes

Oleo-Fats Inc. has perfected the art of distribution to meet the global demand for milk tea and bubble tea mixes. With decades of experience, we’ve established ourselves worldwide by leveraging our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities and high-tech facilities.

Our journey from production to distribution is fueled by a commitment to quality and innovation, ensuring that every milk tea and bubble tea mix we produce surpasses industry standards. Thanks to our dedicated export team, we manage end-to-end export processes, including compliance documentation and after-sales service. This facilitates seamless delivery to our international clientele.

Serving a diverse market, our products have found their way into food service establishments, cafes, and homes from Asia to the Americas. This extensive reach is backed by our continuous efforts to innovate and adapt our offerings, ensuring they cater to the evolving tastes and preferences of consumers worldwide.

Whether you’re looking to charm your customers with the rich flavors of Hokkaido milk tea or the smoothness zest of matcha bubble tea, Oleo-Fats Inc. is equipped to deliver. Our products are a testament to our ability to create solutions that not only meet but elevate the global food industry’s standards.

Speak with our team today to explore how our bubble tea and milk tea mixes can enrich your offerings, ensuring your business is part of the thriving global tea culture.

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