OFI Food Safety

Bridging the Gap in Cleaning

Oleo-Fats has also evolved into an integrated food solutions provider, offering food safety products – flexible cleaning technologies used in restaurant hygiene, food and beverage businesses, and other industries.

OFI Food Safety offers food cleaning solutions that aim to bridge the gap between: technology and affordability, chemistry and sustainability, and flexibility and quality.

Technology and Affordability

Oleo-Fats Food Safety Division offers various advanced technologies that minimize manual contact with the cleaning solution to help operational efficiency and consistency, and to promote human safety. You will have these without having to pay a premium.

Chemistry and Sustainability

We advocate green chemistry. We aim that all our formulations are at their highest biodegradability level. Raw materials are well-screened to make sure they comply with environmental safety regulations.

Flexibility and Quality

We always find ways to cater to your various needs, from formulation to packaging, to a customized cleaning program without compromising the quality of our products and services.

Industry Applications

Kitchen Hygiene

Washroom Hygiene

Special Kitchen Equipment Cleaners

Industrial Food and Beverage

Commercial Laundry Solutions

Infection Control

Building Care

Retail Private Label

Food Packaging