About Oleo-Fats

For more than thirty years, Oleo-Fats has remained committed to providing tasteful customized solutions to the domestic and international food industry.

Regarded as the market leader in specialty fats, oils, and ingredients, we continue to meet the changing needs of our customers by combining our unique competencies in technical product know-how, research and development, and production efficiency and workmanship.

We cater to a majority of businesses in the food industry creating unique solutions for our customers. The main products of our food division include specialty oils, specialty fats, and specialty ingredients

To complement our food division, we offer products and services for the food service industry through our Food Safety division and Equipment division.

Specialty Oils

Specialty Fats

Specialty Ingredients

Savory Ingredients, Sweet Ingredients, Functional Ingredients and Additives

Food Safety

Cleaning, Hygiene, and Food Packaging Solutions


High-efficiency Kitchen Equipment

Why Choose Us

Publicly Listed

We are an affiliate of D&L Industries, a publicly listed company in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Leading B2B2C

We are a leading business-to-business-to-consumer player in the Philippines.

Culture of Innovation

We are shaped and driven by research and development and our disciplined approach to innovation.


Our products are customized to fit the needs of our business partners.

World-class Facilities

Our production facilities are state-of-the-art and conform to global food manufacturing standards.

Strategic Partners

We partner with international institutions and award-winning brands to deliver the best products to the Philippine market.